Must Visit Restaurants in the Cayman Islands

Everyone knows that the Dart Cayman Islands are known for the beautiful scenery, top notch real estate, and exotic aquatic marine life that inhabits the crystal blue waters around it. In addition, the Cayman Islands are well known for a host of dining options that will satisfy even the largest of appetites. With more than just seafood, this island chain boasts more restaurants than its small size would lead people to believe. For some of the top options to check out when visiting the islands, read below! You won’t be disappointed!

1. Ortanqiue

Led by Cindy Hutson, a top notch chef from Miami, this restaurant specializes in Caribbean themed dining options with a unique and innovative spin. For example, they serve a delicious salmon that is encrusted in a delicious coffee and cocoa flavor. Furthermore, they also serve a electable pork chop decked out in a pristine BBQ sauce homemade from local fruit such as mango. Of course, they also features some sweet deserts, such as the banana dessert they cook up drizzled in a rum raisin sauce. Best of all, find a table that’s outdoors and enjoy the stars and harbor under a warm night.

2. Rum Point

Start this experience off with a free catamaran ride to this restaurant. Preferably go on a weeknight, as on weekends it is nearly impossible to find a table. This restaurant is beautifully nestled near a harbor siting in crystal clear blue water at the end of the island. If you look closely you can even find kids snorkeling marveling at the sea life. Of course, this restaurant has amazing dining options. They serve a variety of delicious cocktails and are known for their mudslides that have everyone asking for more. When paired with the conch fritters your mouth will be thanking you for such a delicacy and ask for seconds!

3. Duke’s

This is a favorite and always comes highly recommended by the residents of the island. With some of the best BBQ, anyone who enjoys these flavors will not want to miss this restaurant. This hangout is also known for jerk chicken, full of flavor, as well as short ribs they prepare in a homemade beer right from the island. In addition, they serve seafood that is as delicious as any other restaurant this tourist destination has to offer. With everything from the tartar sauce to the entrees made in house, it doesn’t get any fresher than this!