Educational Change and a Better Society

The Council for Educational Change is a prominent not-for-profit organization. It is headquartered in Weston, Florida. The objective at The Council for Educational Change is to concentrate on leadership. The people behind the organization strongly believe that leadership is capable of enhancing success in students. The team members who are involved in this 510 organization work hard to identify and solve pressing educational matters.

The Council for Educational Change has a number of partners on its side as well. Many entities and individuals have donated generous funds to help with the organization’s essential causes. Some of the council’s partners include the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., Jackie Soffer of Turnberry Associates, American International Lifestyles, LLC, Mainline Information Systems, Inc., the Helena Rubenstein Foundation, Edward S. Moore Family Foundation and the Deborah L. Natansohn Foundation, Inc.

These partners make it possible for The Council for Educational Change to do what it needs to do on a daily basis. This organization strives day in and day out to prioritize all students. It strives to help teachers, parents, students and neighborhoods all over Florida come together. The team members at The Council for Educational Change do whatever they can to shape the future for education in Florida.

The Council for Educational Change has done a lot for its causes since coming into existence. It has been responsible for the introduction of the Wachovia Teachers and Teaching Initiative. This initiative was centered around the training of educators. The council has been responsible for the introduction of a program that’s known as “Executive Pass,” too. This program established relationships between principals and key business leaders that encouraged beneficial shifts in school practices. The Council for Educational Change makes a point to integrate educational and business concepts. The organization also makes a point to strengthen people who have leadership positions within the educational realm.

Dr. Elaine Liftin serves as the Executive Director and President of the Council for Educational Change. Doreen Outler serves as the organization’s financial and program manager. Other standout people who make up the hard-working council team are executive director Joanne Marrazzo, development manager Sal Paniagua and research and social media assistant Tracey Jean Hastings. Council consultants include Dr. Gail Quigley, Peter B. Bucholtz, Dr. Geneva Woodland and Boots Richards.

Some of the organization’s many in-depth programs include the Florida Leadership Academy, the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children and the Partnership to Advance School Success.