Women in the Workplace

Statistics show that there are more women in the workplace today. The staggering numbers of women joining the workforce is due to the change in economy. A two income home is now a necessity for most households. Some women in the workforce complain that they face enormous roadblocks. Gender based bias is a growing issue with those women as men in the workforce are often favored for job assignments, promotions, and more.

While there are more opportunities than ever for the working woman, many women in the workforce has experienced some form of bias. A recent poll pointed out that staggering number. The discrimination women face occurs across every industry, from the business world to the medical field. Whether it is a part time or full time job, women make work bias complaints in several areas. These areas include being overlooked for promotions, losing out on opportunities, and being denied a raise.

Another type of discrimination women face is due to mistreatment by their fellow co-workers. Many women overlook the treatment or are unsure of where to complain. Surprisingly, quite a few women do not even recognize the mistreatment directed at them. This is mostly due to a lack of self-confidence or feeling intimidated. Some women are afraid to speak up or complain because they want to keep their job.

Experts believe the way to end workplace discrimination against women is through education. Women must learn to recognize discrimination against their gender instead of choosing to ignore them. Some of the signs include feeling over looked, uncomfortable, ignored, less pay, or not receiving credit for work done.

Leading experts in business and industry suggest women confront the situation. It is important for women to document their concerns and talk it over with supervisors. Getting all the issues out in the open will allow everyone in the workplace to move forward.