Women Entrepreneurs Tell their Success Stories

Despite the many strides that women have made in the world of business, it is still, generally speaking, a male dominated industry. There are many female entrepreneurs who have had exceptional success in the business field through hard work, determination, and creative ideas that have led them to be some of the top business-people in their field. Below are the successful stories of just a few of these women to help inspire those of us who are budding entrepreneurs ourselves.

LightSail Energy is a Berkeley, California based business created by Danielle Fong after she graduated from Princeton at just 17 years old. Now 25 old, Fong’s company is a highly successful one that works to create ways to store clean energy from wind, water, and solar power so it can be effective despite the weather conditions. Experts estimate that her company will likely exceed one trillion dollars within the next 20 years.

Some people may recognize the name Lisa Bettany as that of a figure skater who had a career ending injury in 2008. Instead of getting down about it, Bettany used her new lifestyle to take digital photographs on her cell phone. When she realized that her phone was not of the best quality she partnered with an application developer to create Camera+ for iPhones. It is the top selling application aside from games and has made a profit of close to $8 million.

Sara Blakely is an inspiration to many women. She was just 29 years old when she invested her entire life savings into creating a garment that was flattering for women to wear underneath their clothes. Blakely created Spanx which current make about $250 million per year in revenue and have been featured on media outlets such as the Oprah Winfrey show. Blakely used to work odd jobs until she decided to create something inspirational.

The second youngest female billionaire in America (Blakely is the youngest) is Tory Burch who has a line of women’s clothing that made $800 million in revenue just last year. Burch is an inspiration to women because she followed her dream after toiling for many years under famous designers and learning the ropes she was finally able to create her own line of bohemian style women’s clothing to be proud of and is highly successful in the field.