Undercover Colors: Life-Saving Nail Polish

Four engineers at North Carolina State University have come up with a date rape drug-sensitive nail polish to answer the call to women everywhere who are vulnerable to sexual assault when this “date rape” drug is unknowing used to drug them by putting it in their beverage. A new company has been created, and Undercover Colors has arrived, with the hopes of preventing any future incidences.

Past victim reports who have survived such assaults have taught us to never leave a drink unattended, which can happen easily in public of bars, restaurants, clubs, or even at private parties where drinking is likely to happen.

The beauty company contends that after application to the nails, this specially-treated lacquer will change in color upon detection of the drugs. With a quick dip of a finger into her beverage, she can see if she has been set up for drugging, and perhaps later, a personal assault.

On college campuses, the reported numbers (which are considered to be lower than actual) has reached an epidemic level. It is something many activists feel cannot continue to go on without an immediate solution.

What women have been offered and outfitted with so far is pepper spray (Mace), alert whistles, self-defense classes held in communities, and various media warnings about being aware and alert when alone, especially at night. But this means a woman must be ready to arm herself without warning, and pull out the spray or whistles, either spray her target right in the eyes, or take a deep breath and blow. This also means being close enough to the predator to be successful in thwarting his attack.

Self-defense is great, but how many women are able to stave off, much less overpower a heavier, perhaps very aggressive and/or desperate man? Add alcohol to this situation and you have an individual who is less able to react quickly, remain aware on a dark street, or fumble with her purse to take out her defensive item

Undercover Colors may very well be a life saver of a more convenient and effective type yet.