Small Business and Startup Investments

Small businesses are literally the economic engine of America. According to Forbes Magazine, there are currently over 28 million small businesses in the nation, with nearly 22 million of these businesses being headed by self-employed individuals who do not have any additional employees. Nearly 50% of the US working population works for a small business or organization.

Each year many people aspire to start their own small business. Entrepreneurs who start new small business enterprises want to explore new innovative business ideas by either offering new products or services, or figuring out ways how to offer a preexisting service or product through a more competitive manner. Regardless of the industry, small businesses are in essence the lifeblood of the American economy. Not only are small businesses the driving forces of the American economy, but also provide a lot of great energy and resources to local neighborhoods and communities.

Neighborhoods and communities that have a large presence of locally-owned small businesses typically are wealthier, have higher education and literacy rates, and virtually no signs of blight. This is why it is important for cities and other municipalities to invest in the creation of small businesses. Growing and sustaining small businesses has long been proven to be the only viable solution to reducing unemployment. In fact, according to Forbes, 65% of net jobs created since the mid-1990s can be attributed to the rapid expansion of the small business sector. When cities and towns invest in facilitating the rapid growth of small businesses, everyone benefits. Firms like Advantage Capital invest in small businesses, and their respective communities see a number of benefits. Jobs are created, people are hired and as a result, the tax base of a local neighborhood goes up over time. This means more money for towns, cities, public schools, roads and other forms of public infrastructure.

If you believe you have an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to start something innovative, investing in a small business is an excellent idea. There are so many ways to go about investing in a small business. It can be done either through purchasing a franchise, buying a preexisting business or starting something on your own from scratch using your own personal finances (savings, loans, etc). However, for many entrepreneurs who have their eye on starting something completely innovative, another idea is to look to working with an equity or investment firm that looks to fund new start-ups. Angel investors and other large-scale investment groups are always looking for the next big thing and if you believe you have the idea, you will have a lot of savvy investors wanting to possibly fund your idea.