SemSem Fashion Line Now Available at Bergdorf Goodman

A new line of clothing, SemSem, debuted in February at a luncheon at Bergdorf Goodman. The SemSem line of luxury clothing was created by Abeer Al Otaiba, wife of United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States, ( Yousef Al Otaiba. Her line features clothes for mothers and daughters using top of the line fabrics and incorporates a fresh new design in each of her pieces.

Abeer’s inspiration came after the birth of her daughter, when she noticed there were no complementary clothing options for mothers and daughters. Her company is also unique in that each season it will support a charitable organization that focuses on the needs of women and children around the globe.

The luncheon and clothing line debut at Bergdorf Goodman brought a few celebrities out who have fallen in love with the new line. Blake Lively, star of Gossip Girl and several movies, was there to co-host the event. Lively is a big fan of the mother-daughter clothes, stating that the outfits echo each other’s style rather than the outfits matching exactly. Socialite and songwriter Denis Rich was in attendance, as well as Kris Jenner who waxed nostalgically about choosing clothes for her own brood of girls when they were little.

The luncheon was also co-hosted by Lorraine Schwartz, famous jeweler to the stars and good friend to Al Otaiba. Schwartz feels that the clothes become part of the bond between mother and daughter and has been a champion of Al Otaiba’s line from the early design stages. Schwartz has bedazzled multiple stars with her unique jewelry, and has her own unique fashion sense. She stated at the luncheon that the outfits work so well together that “it’s like the daughter is part of her mother’s wardrobe.”

The unique designs and luxury fabrics offer mothers an alternative when choosing mother daughter outfits, and the success of the launch of the line is a marker that women are happy to have the new clothes as part of their wardrobes. Al Otaiba is selling her creations online and at a few boutiques, and hopes to expand the line to include outerwear and more in the future.