Real Estate’s Leading Business Women Make their Marks

The real estate market is stronger than ever, and has grown increasingly diverse. Several strong women have risen through the ranks of the real estate market. The future is extremely bright, and these four women are changing the market forever.

Marilyn Jordan Taylor
Marilyn Jordan Taylor is a brilliant architect. Over her storied career she has designed numerous buildings. Her specialty is designing airports, and she is responsible for the design of the Ben Gurion Airport, an expansion to Dulles International Airport, and a Continental Airlines airport. These airport designs have changed these cities forever. Today, Marilyn stays heads the Pennsylvania School of Design, where she influences the architects of the future. Her willingness to educate other architects will have a major impact on the future real estate market.

Jackie Soffer
As co-CEO of Turnberry Associates, Jackie Soffer is one of the most powerful names in the real estate world. Jackie Soffer ( is also married to Craig Robins who is also a big name in real estate development. During her time at Turnberry she has overseen the development of several amazing properties, including the Aventura Mall. Turnberry has played a huge role in the Las Vegas real estate market, and Jackie has led the charge. Miami Beach also plays a huge part in Turnberry’s portfolio. Jackie Soffer is extremely proud of her accomplishments at Turnberry, and people will look to her for leadership for years to come.

Mary Ann Tighe
Mary Ann Tighe is the Chief Executive Officer of CBRE. She is widely considered the most powerful woman in the real estate world. Mary is extremely accomplished, she played a huge role in the revitalization of Times Square, and in recent years she helped New York’s downtown make a major comeback. Her vision is the guiding force behind New York City’s comeback. People around the world should look to Mary Ann for insight into the real estate market.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump’s father is constantly making the news, but Invanka is quietly making a big name for herself. She is currently the Executive Vice President of the Trump corporation where she helps guide the daily practices of the most powerful real estate company in the world. The Trump organization is constantly developing new buildings in New York, Atlantic City, and other parts of the world, and Ivanka’s guiding hand is keeping them on the right track. Ivanka will one day lead the most powerful real estate company in the world (

Women are having a huge impact on the real estate market and the world is a better place because of these inspirational leaders.