Mother Daughter Fashion Lines to Buy from Now

These clothing lines will have you and your daughter matching beautifully. Take a look below!

She is your best friend, the one you will someday confide in. She is the one you encourage and mold today. She is your daughter and you want only the best for her. When the two of you go out, her clothes should be as luxurious and fashion-conscious as yours. For those red carpet occasions, she should look as nice as you. SemSem fashions will make sure you two look smashing with look-alike dresses and outfits created by the wife of ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba (, Abeer Al Otaiba.

Not only does the SemSem brand reflect the beauty and grace of women and girls, but they also support organizations that empower women and girls. Charities like Women for Women International benefit from the sales of the SemSem line of luxury clothing.

Lolly Wolly Doodle
Matching clothing and accessories are not only fun, but they are functional. Family portraits look pulled together. Children who are coordinated with their parents are less likely to be lost in crowds. Lastly, it’s fun to dress alike. So makers like Lolly Wolly Doodle make quality, affordable clothes with your family in mind. Dresses, tees and sashes can be matched or coordinated with ruffles, swim clothes and bows.

Ryleigh Rue
The newest trends in boutique clothing are available at Ryleigh Rue. Here, cute school outfits for girls can be bought for an affordable price. The ‘Mommy and Me’ line offers similar styles and colors or exact versions of your clothes in miniature sizes- perfect for parties, family pictures and events.

Matching Dots
The Matching Dots take things a step further with outfits that match Mom, puppies and dolls. Glamorous attention to detail takes simple tank-tops to eye-popping outfits. Dots in gray, black or white bring attention to simplicity while being paired with colorful pants that add the ‘wow’ factor.

For moms and daughters who don’t want to sport the ‘playground look’ meNmommy offers chic looks. Asymmetrical necklines, spaghetti straps for the little girls, side-ruching and sashes, all of the details are there to make mom look her best and daughter look grown-up. Another benefit of a meNmommy purchase is that an article of clothing will also be donated to a needy child.