Millennial Women and Career Drive

The young women entering today’s workforce enjoy a plethora of opportunities. However, women today also have high expectations about their careers and themselves. Millennial women have bigger dreams, higher education, and greater drive to be successful than any previous generation. The working woman of the twenty-first century is a force to be reckoned with.

Millennial women want to have it all. This is the generation of the extreme multitask-er. Technology not only frees modern woman of countless menial household tasks, but it also enables her to stay plugged in to her work around the clock. Time of day and location are no longer barriers to reaching her goals. She can participate in a conference call with her colleagues and clients while staying home with her sick child, or keep in touch with her partner while she is on a business trip.

In short, the lines between work life and home life are often fuzzy for today’s goddess of multitasking. She checks up on her kids while she is at work, and she finishes up work after she comes home. She has no off switch.

The millennial woman enjoys having a lot on her plate. She never turns down an opportunity to add yet another task to her to-do list. Her multitasking ability and inability to say “no” to anyone can either make her her company’s greatest asset or liability. If she over-commits herself too much, she might not have the time to give anything her undivided attention. This can lead to sloppy work. However, she will be the one who is willing to take on that extra project even if it means staying up until three in the morning. She wants to have it all, and she will do whatever it takes to get everything done.

Millennial women do not sacrifice anything (except possibly their sanity). They want to have children, keep a clean house, cook gourmet dinners, work full time, take classes on the side, volunteer for everything, and look fabulous while doing it all. Their relentless drive to accomplish more and more each day can either allow them to have it all or crash from exhaustion. Women should remember that there is only so much they can do. At the same time, they should be commended for going after all their dreams.