Miami’s Top 4 Power Couples

There is something truly riveting about Miami, Florida that simply cannot be described with mere words. Perhaps it is in the atmosphere, and it calls for some of the most powerful people in the United States. In fact, it is considered the fourth largest urban area in the US. It could be that people are interested in Miami due to its natural beauty being that it is a seaport city, or it could be the attractions, such as the Florida Opera Home. Who can say, but it is home to the following four US power couples.

1. Ugo & Sara Colombo

This couple is picture perfect together and are considered one of the most recognizable pairs. Ugo is responsible for some of the most renowned structures in Miami. He is also the President of CMC Group and the founder of Glasswall, LLC. The Glasswall company he owns specializes in impact-resistant glass windows to ensure high-rise structures have reliable windows. Sara Colombo is also a renowned person in Miami; in fact, her 2,200 square-foot interior design shop is one of the most coveted by high-society. The shop is called NEST, and it focuses on high-style products for homes interested in European styles as well as new and exciting styles.

2. Craig Robins & Jackie Soffer

Craig Robins and Jackie Soffer ( just got married, which came to a surprise to many socialites in Miami. Robins focuses on high-end designs mostly in the Miami Design District. Jackie has developed condos, hotels, and the Aventura Mall. The mall is the third largest mall in the United States. The powerful couple may be different regarding their design, but together they are forming an exciting vision that most design experts cannot wait to see.

3. Carlos & Rosa De La Cruz

Carlos is the chairman to the CCI Companies, Inc. This company brings in 1 billion dollars in annual sales, and one of its subsidiaries is none other than Coca-Cola. Rosa is known for her impeccable taste in art. In fact, she is one of the most important art collectors in Miami. The couple’s art collection is so extensive and important that they agreed to open their home periodically to let other art aficionados see some of their pieces.

4. Gloria & Emilio Estefan

Gloria Estefan is known as the Queen of Latin Pop ( to many as she did sell more than 100 million albums around the world. Gloria also won seven Grammy Awards, not to mention the fact that she was introduced to the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame. Emilio Estefan is an important figure in the music industry. He is both a musician and a producer who has helped nurture some of the biggest names in the music industry. Both are actively involved in improving Miami as well as their home country of Cuba. The couple are also minority owners of the Miami Dolphins.