Miami’s Power Woman: Jackie Soffer

How does a woman become one of Miami’s most prominent realtors and the big brain behind the Aventura Mall and other extremely admirable real estate ventures? To help you understand more about this power house, you may want to look at her background.

As the daughter of Don Soffer-who just happens to be one of Miami’s biggest developers-it’s no wonder Jackie Soffer ( was destined for greatness and to follow in the footprints of her successful father. She grew up in Miami Beach, which was more of a neighborhood for kids and the elderly, back in the day.

Jackie had the opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the area and lived amongst the famous, such as Anita Bryant and the Gibbs. Although she is the daughter of a recognizable businessman in Miami, Jackie lived simply as a child, walking to and from school, and had plenty of freedom to enjoy the beach and the South Beach neighborhood, which was very different from how it is now.

Now, Jackie Soffer is proving to her beloved city that she is a force to be reckoned with and all of the moves that she makes as a top real estate mogul in Miami only serve to improve the city that she has called home since she was born.

Starting out under her father doesn’t mean that Jackie just received the rewards of his hard work. Jackie Soffer shows that although she was lucky to be born into her family, she is someone to be respected in her own right in the field of real estate development.

Now as the CEO of the company her father built (Turnberry Associates), Jackie Soffer is proving that although she inherited her part in the business, she definitely deserves it. Some of Jackie Soffer’s notable achievement as a real estate developer has been the expansion of the Aventura Mall, a giant development called Sole Mia in the works, and runs all of the companies’ assets. Another interesting factor is that she is also the Independent Director for the Washington Prime Group.