Camana Bay’s Role in Supporting the Local Community

Home to families, and scenic paths and plenty to do, Camana Bay offers a high standard of life for visitors and residents in the paradise that is Grand Cayman. The contemporary-styled and authentic Caymanian community is also home to Dart Enterprises, which holds a portfolio of companies.

Owned and headed by Ken Dart (the mastermind behind the success of Camana Bay), Dart Enterprises enjoys an index of countless Camana Bay businesses–we can attribute savory brunches from Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and stylish island wear from Caribbean Canvas Company. Dart Enterprises also oversees Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., which manages Camana Bay, Salt Creek (the residential area) and Regatta Office Park.

DECCO (Dart Enterprises Contracting Co) is the leading project management for any owner, sponsor or member of a notable construction project. Soon, DECCO will have managed over 1 million square feet of construction on Grand Cayman. DECCO is responsible for The Cayman International School’s pristine infrastructure, a portion of the Salt Creek Estates and the comfortably luxurious cinema downtown.