Best Mobile Apps for the Working Woman

In this digital age, we are constantly connected to our devices; whether that is phones, tablets, laptops and so forth. With this borderline obsession, why not ensure that you have all the resources on your phone to jumpstart your life for a new, better fall. Below you will find our top mobiles apps for the working woman who is constantly on the run but always looking good.


This app is so simple all it takes is a one-time account login and then you are good to go! With many different studies showing that having more than 10,000 steps a day is the way to a healthy lifestyle. After making an account the app tracks your steps and various exercises throughout the day and can give you a detailed report before you go to bed every night on ways to improve your health. The app is very useful especially as it gets colder outside to remind yourself to still work on your health.


Fashion mobile apps have been all the rage lately and that includes Snap+Style, which is a free app that gives you real-time outfit recommendations from personal stylists. You can use the app to create a whole new wardrobe and the stylists can give you tips on where to go out and buy different wardrobe pieces, or you can send the stylist a picture of a staple piece that you would like to include in your outfit and they can give you different suggestions on what other pieces to pair it with.


This app stores information on over 200,000 packaged foods so that all you have to do when you are out grocery shopping is to scan the barcode and it will tell you whether the food item you are trying to purchase is healthy or unhealthy and its nutrition information. Fooducate is supposed to go one step further than just the label on the back, to really keep you informed and help you make the best and healthiest decision possible when grocery shopping.

Whether it be Moves, Snap + Style, or Fooducate there are many different applications for your phone to keep you organized and ready to conquer the fall. So use that time you spend on your phone to your advantage to keep organized and productive! Explore the app store because this is only a glimpse of what other applications there are to help individual productivity.